Mechanical Contracting Services

Our mechanical contracting services are built on the values of sustainability and innovation and powered by the extraordinary professionals within our team. 

Ray Johnson Mechanical boasts full-service capabilities for design and build. We offer solutions for mechanical projects of diverse scales, sizes, and budgets, along with modular construction and prefabrication. Our expertise spans but is not limited to the following;

  • HVAC Systems
  • Heating Solutions
  • Plumbing Systems
  • Fire Protection
  • Refrigeration 
  • Hydronics
  • Geothermal 
  • Building Management
  • Specialist Gases (Medical)
  • Gas Systems
  • Sewer Heat Recovery Systems
  • Thermal Energy Asset Systems
  • General Mechanical Engineering Designs
  • BIM Services (including Clash Detection)
  • Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Design & Build

Ray Johnson Mechanical offers a design-build project delivery method for mechanical projects. For our clients, this can mean enhanced benefits such as a single point of responsibility and accountability, which in turn can help with seamless project delivery.   This also guarantees higher satisfaction and success rate for project goals such as ensuring durability, cost-effectiveness, ROI, and reduced environmental impacts.

We are experts at handling projects of all scales and sizes with varying levels of complexity — from new construction projects to complex building retrofits. You can trust our team to ensure your construction or renovation project will meet or exceed expectations with performance optimization, cost minimization, and long-term value all while being sustainable for generations to come. 

Our Work

Our Mission & Focus


“Working together for a common purpose”  


“Open to new ideas, perceptions, and ways of working”


“Reconciling operational efficiency with environmental sustainability”

“As one of our core values, open collaborations and partnerships helps us maximize our contributions. We are always leveraging our strategic relationships with partners who share our values, principles, and belief, to deliver our projects as a team effort.

Along with collaboration, our penchant for innovation means we are always learning, iterating, adapting, and generating new ideas. This combination of innovation and collaboration shapes our vision of the future as well as how to drive our teams and clients towards a more sustainable future, with shared responsibility for upholding the integrity and development of the environment in which we operate.”